Saturday, July 09, 2011

Meet Grandma: Treasured Quilts from the Past

Many years ago, my grandma gifted me with 16 unfinished quilt tops. Since my grandma's death, finishing some of these quilt tops has been on my bucket list. The patterns contain dresses both my grandma and great-grandma wore when I was a kid. I can identify material used to make dresses for our baby dolls. There are muslin strips made of feed sacks in some quilt tops from my grandparents farm in the South. Everything about these quilts scream family history. These quilts are right up there with my Great Grandma Duley's blue jean quilt made from the retired blue jeans of the farm workers. And now I have more history and memories in these newly fashioned quilts.

This month the quilt tops were crossed off my bucket list. I had four of my most favorite made into "tied" quilts. I knew that no one would take greater care and pride in completing these legacy quilts than my cousin, Jan. She makes, repairs, and designs quilts for a living. She did not dissapoint me. These will be gifted to some very special family members later this year. I think my grammy would be very proud that I make good on my promise to one day finish the quilts.

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