Monday, July 18, 2011

Treasured Family Poem

Below is a poem written by my Uncle while serving in WWII. What a treasure when you find family history and heritage of faith tucked away in a chest or shoe box of memorabilia. This poem was discovered in my 92 year old aunt's belongings upon her passing.

I Prayed to God That Night

In southern waters, one darkened night
as eight o’clock was near,
Emergency called us from our sacks, and filled our hearts with fear.
For under the shelter of night’s darkened skies,
a periscope rose on the right.
As I followed its wake, the earth seemed to quake,
and I prayed to God that night.

Was there nearby, in days shortly past,
Had seven ships been lost,
and many a man for days and days
in boats and rafts had tossed.
“We’re doomed” came the cry of a nearby mate.
I wondered, “Could he be right?”
But sincere in need and steadfast in faith,
I prayed to God that night.

Then out of the skies
came roaring planes, an answer to my prayers.
In lightning speed, upon their prey
they dropped their bombs and flares.
The bombs gave forth a deadening blast.
The periscope sank from sight.
And there as I prayed, God sent us this aid,
and answered my prayers that night.

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