Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beyond Soap: Packaging to Sell

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How do you make your soaping projects stand out from the rest during this holiday season? Here's one idea.

Wrap you gift box in brown Kraft paper. The above pic uses one of our white window soap boxes. Double sided tape was used to keep everything nice and clean looking.

The lettered paper was printed on white linen paper using the MS Publisher program. You can select whatever font size and type that suits your fancy.

The appeal to this inexpensive wrap is the brown paper coupled with the printed font sheets. A tearing ruler was used to cut the font sheets. Tearing rulers are available at scrap booking stores. The torn font paper lends itself to a handmade look.

Add grosgrain or double-faced satin ribbon and you've created a package that is inexpensive, yet exquisite.

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Jenn (Glynne's Soaps) said...

This packaging is beautiful! What a great Christmas idea!