Monday, November 28, 2011

Gift Wrap: Using Dictionary Pages for Soap & Small Gift Items

Financially, times are tough. We are all looking for ways to recycle, repurpose and put on our creative caps to save a few dollars. This year, I am focusing on ways to recycle or reuse items that would end up in the trash. Here is my take on zig fill for small gift boxes (like soap).

I shared a holiday wrap idea a few days ago. This goes right along with that theme. I paid a visit to the local Goodwill store. It's a haven for old books looking to be repurposed and very affordable. You can pick up a book for as little as 25 cents. I tore out pages from a dated dictionary and folded them into 5/8" to 1/2" strips. Once folded, I cut into lengthwise strips (see above photo).

I also used my handy-dandy tearing ruler to make strips of paper to wrap around the center of my gift boxes. See my prior post to understand how that works. As always, my choice of gift wrap is generally natural Kraft paper. There are countless rubber stamps that can be used on Kraft paper to jazz things up for any occasion. And, BTW, our liquid gel colors can be used to ink the rubber stamp pads.

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