Saturday, November 26, 2011

Countdown to Magic Elf Arrival 2011

It's that time of year again. The Magic Elves are arriving the evening of December 10, 2011. This year they will be wearing ice skates and, of course, they will be in their usual sleigh. Not sure yet how they will all fit in the sleigh wearing skates, but I'll make it work. I found the skates at Kohl's earlier this season. They were somewhat pricey (about $10 per set), but I can also re-gift by filling each skate shoe with small lotions, shower gels and soap next year.

I have the first 4 Days of the Magic Elf agenda outlined below. I am honestly surprised at the email response I receive for this holiday event. I know it's not soaping related, but it's just as fun and creative as making soap. Guessing there are plenty of moms and grandparents that feel the same.

Last year the Magic Elves arrived with Elf Mailboxes that the grand kids decorated. The elf mailboxes will be arriving again this year. Of course, passports and Elf report folders are still in the mix.

2011 MAGIC ELF CALENDAR (first 5 days):
Hope this sparks some ideas for you this year. I'll post pics as the daily events happen and continue to post ideas until the elf departure on December 24.

Letter from Santa about the Elves arrives from North Pole along with the Elf mailboxes.

The three elves arrive in their sleigh wearing ice skates and Santa Elf hats to keep their ears warm. Passports will be sent with each elf. They need these to get back to the North Pole when Santa picks them up on December 24. I picked up the Santa Elf hats at Target in the $1 section. They were the perfect size.

Grand kids awaken to advent calendars (that I also purchased in the $1 section at Target). There is a small pocket under each calendar day. I will be putting a folded stick of gum in each pocket (see the pocket dated the 11th). The elves will be sitting under the hanging advent calendars surrounded by plenty of used gum wrappers.

Elf wakes up in bed with child. A note around the elf's neck reads, Check your Elf Mailbox." The mailbox note tells where gift is hidden.  A sample mailbox note reads as follows,

"Just wanted to snuggle tonight. I'm missing the North Pole. I left a gift for you. Can you find it? It's somewhere on your dresser shelf."

It's countdown place mats and holiday cups at breakfast. Those darn elves had a late night snack of milk and cookies. These place mats were a great find at Target and can be used right up until Christmas. The kids will have fun moving the date on the place mat. I also purchased matching holiday cereal bowls to use on December 16 Elfcapades. (see below picture).

The elve's are wearing slipper socks and the house decorated in crepe paper (red and green). I ordered 200 jingle bells to scatter on kitchen counter tops and floor. Also, some fake snow is in the works. I'm thinking a sink full of fake snow would be fun with one of the elves sitting in the sink making a snowman. I'll be sure to take pictures when this event happens so you can see how it all plays out.

I'll be posting the next Elfcapade Episode once the fun begins....

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