Wednesday, February 01, 2012

St. Patrick Soaps: Gift Packaging Ideas

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No one cares whether you are actually Irish. On Saint Patrick's Day, everyone is Irish! It's traditional celebration here in the States and everything is green (including the beer!).

I've been putting together gifts for the grand kids to give to their teacher on St. Paddy's Day. Here's what I have so far. Pictured above are soaps made from the new Mold Market Rounded Rectangle mold. The soap is wrapped and attached to our manila gift tags.

The soaps are wrapped and seated on a 4.25 x 2 1/8" manila tag covered with printed paper. All the tags we used are found here. You can print the St. Patrick papers for FREE from our website. We owe credit to Digital Card Fun for a number of the fun prints.

Mold Market's Layered Leaf and Rounded Rectangle molds were used for this project.

The secret is to keep the color palette compatible. It's OK to use stripes with polka dots as long as the color scheme matches. The same is true of the soap. It should blend with the packaging colors you've selected.

I was limited to the supplies on hand. I would have liked a bright yellow grosgrain ribbon to use with the layered leaf soap. Oh, well!

Use the round metal edge tags to write the fragrance of your soap or name of intended recipient.

Next on my list was preparing the special gift that the grand kids will be gifting to each teacher. My mom is a retired teacher and my daughter an educational administrator. I know how hard our teachers work to provide kids with a good education. I want them to know they are appreciated, if only in a small way.

I made a "Thank You" flip book from empty paper towel rolls. You can view the concept on a former post made on my blog site. The rolls were cut to size, folded flat and covered with St. Patrick paper designs. A 4.25 x 2 1/8" manila gift tag was inserted inside each of the five flattened rolls. The tags were decorated with paper and ribbon along with a special quote to the teacher (printed on oval stickers). If you don't have stickers, just print the quotes on plain paper and cut to size. Glue to the tag.

Quote suggestions include:

Thanks for noticing my accomplishments
I appreciate your encouraging words.

You believe in me. It gives me confidence.
Being able to help someone learn is a talent.

I added a few St. Patrick day themed stickers to the face of each flattened roll and then tied the flip book closed with ribbons. I added a green ribbon on the first tag insert which included a Starbucks gift card.

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