Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Targeting "Educated Guess" Customers

I usually give little attention to wine labels. Most are boring and rarely scream "pick me, pick me". However, this label caught my eye and I was curious about the evolution of this marketing idea. Of course, who better to share the story than my honey-man. He's been in the wine business for 35 years and it just so happens his employer has distributorship rights for this winery.


The story behind the label

The name “Educated Guess” came about during a lively, second bottle of wine conversation about wine making styles, vineyard sites, and the progressive escalation of wine prices without comparable increases in quality. The discussion then proceeded to the “art vs. science” aspect of wine making and after a few more glasses of wine…“Educated Guess” was born!!!

So ask yourself this question: Have you ever found yourself in a wine shop or restaurant perusing the wines and wondering…how do I choose the best wine for the money? You may admire a label, recognize a name, or recall a great review…in essence you’re making an “Educated Guess.”

So what does this wine label have to do with your product(s)? More than you think. Customers making educated guesses about wine are no different than customers making educated guesses about your product.

I tend to purchase products based on packaging appeal which is why I love buying product from Etsy.com. The majority of Etsy sellers understand the "pick me, pick me" concept. They engage the customer with creative packaging and capture the attention of the "educated guess" consumer.

If you were making an online purchase, which product would you pick?


As online presence continues to grow, so will competition. This is especially true for those in the handmade soaping business. The days of dropping a handmade soap into a cello bag with a tied ribbon are long gone.  If you want to compete in the marketplace (both on and offline) you better have a marketing plan in place and it should happen long before opening your online store.

What are you doing to stand out from the avalanche of growing homemade soaping products in the market? Do you desire a revenue generating business?  If so, you need to get obsessive about managing your marketing strategy. If you don't, I guarantee you'll be left in the dust of cyberspace.

How to start 

  • Begin to target educated guess customers with creative packaging and labels that stand out from the competition. Develop a core flagship packaging idea and branch out from there.
  • "Green" packaging sells (just a personal opinion from someone in the business). Re-purposed and bio-degradable packaging appeal to today's consumer. Recycled paper and Kraft type gift boxes are a great start point.
  • Do your homework. Research the web for "brand" packaging "ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Don't copy someone's idea, but you have every right to expand on it.

GoPlanetEarth has created a new web page on packaging ideas. The ideas presented are affordable for those on a limited budget just starting out in the business. As a supplier, our company goal is your success in turning a profit in your the soap making business. GoPlanet continues to add new ideas to the web "Packaging" web page in an effort to inspire. Think outside the box!

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Dalene said...

This is our favorite wine, we live right outside the napa valley and are privy to a lot of wines but this is really a winner.