Sunday, September 02, 2012

Melt & Pour Soap Making: Granola Fruit Cup

Gabby does it again! This is her original granola fruit cup design. Below is the hand-sketch she drafted. As one of GoPlanet's newest workers, she has fallen in love with soap making and is continually brainstorming new soaping ideas.

A gelato cup was filled with finely chopped brown soap (for the granola). Strawberry halves, orange / apple slices, and blackberries were the fruit components.

Everything was sealed together with a quick over-pour of scented clear soap.

Gabby reported chopping the granola portion of the soap was the most time consuming. I suggested a vegetable grater would be much easier than using a knife. Her response was, "OMG, never thought about that!"

Meet Gabby, the girl behind the soap:

Gabby attends a local community college while working for GoPlanet part-time. She has proven to be a great asset to our team.

Besides working on various soaping projects, Gabby packs, pulls, and checks outgoing orders. She is being trained in all aspects of order processing to better serve you.

It would be nice if you take a moment to give Gabby feed-back on the soaping projects she shares on my blog.

Here are the molds and supplies Gabby used for this granola fruit cup:

What's great about this soap design?  You can place secure the gelato lid to the bottom half (the portion in which you pour the soap). Apply a label and you are good to go.

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heavy hedonist said...

What a charming idea-- it looks as tasty as the real thing. Keep up the brainstorming, Abby!