Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Melt & Pour Soaps: Halloween Soap Ideas

Halloween is approaching. Kristy and Chelsea were busy preparing holiday soaps while I was visiting Paris. A big shout of thanks to my former assistant, Kristy, who filled in while I was away. She knows the business well and her presence in the work place gave me peace of mind.

The above soaps were made with Mold Market's square loaf mold. A crinkle cutter was used to slice the finished soap and a few slices were cut into candy corn shapes.

Neon yellow (in white soap base), neon orange (in clear soap base) and white base were the colors used for layering. All of these soap colors can be found here.

These pumpkin soaps are easy to make with our economy pumpkin or silicone Jack-o-lantern molds. Use the soap injector tool to fill in the black areas and green stem. Colorants used: neon orange liquid gel, black oxide, and neon green (for stem area). Our favorite fragrances include apple autumn, harvest moon, green apple, spiced pumpkin egg nog, roll in the hay and turning leaves. These are all great fall scents.

The mummie cupcake soaps are an easy soaping project to do with kids. Use Mold Market's cupcake mold and layer thin strips of white soap over the cupcake top (you may want to slice off the cherry from the cupcake topper). Punch out eyes with a circular shape. Secure all the pieces with clear melted soap.

Thanks to Chelsea for this soaping idea! She did a great job. Her only tip is to be sure you use THIN strips of white soap. Her first attempt failed because the white strips were too thick.

Checkout these other soaping ideas for inspiration. We would love for you to share your favorite Halloween soaps.

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