Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to Color Hair with Chalk - Hair Chalking

Yesterday, I had a cut and color. While at the salon, I had a conversation with my stylist (who is also a long-time friend) about hair chalking. She offered tips on the technique and chalk options.

I tested the suggestions on the grand kids. My daughter was dubbed the "chalk specialist". It was truly a fly by the seat of your pants project. We made a few batches of our own chalk colors using GPE's (GoPlanetEarth's) powder colorants. My granddaughter, Olivia, volunteered to be our first client. She opted for pink and purple (surprise, surprise??).  The above picture is the finished result.

For best results:

1) Separate the hair strands you wish to color. Liberally spray the strands with water. You want to really saturate the hair.

2) Use rubber gloves to rub chalk over the wet hair strands. The color can stain clothing and hands. To avoid staining, work with an apron and gloves. We place a old towel around the neck of grand kids to avoid staining clothing.

3) Once the chalk is applied to hair strands, use a blow dryer to set the color. Blow dry until the hair is completely dry. A straight iron can be used after the sectioned hair is dry.

The color will last for 1-2 days. Take note chalked hair will stain bedding, furniture, cushions or pillows. Once the hair is colored, style with mousse, gel or hairspray.


Hair Chalk Recipe
1 teaspoon arrowroot powder
1/2 teaspoon kaolin clay
1/2 teaspoon water
1 tablespoon witch hazel
2 tablespoons powder colorant

Mix the clay and colorant in a small mixing bowl or large glass measuring cup.  In a smaller bowl or glass measuring cup, mix the arrowroot powder and water.

Add the witch hazel to the clay and colorant. Mix well (using gloves).

Add the arrowroot/water mixture to the clay/colorant mixture. Squish and mix until you have a clay consistency.

Shape the mixture into any desired shape and let air dry for 12-16 hours.

My nine-year old grandson opted for a green color. He wants to color his hair for St. Patrick's Day.


Anne-Marie said...

Hair chalk is so much fun! I'm glad you were able to have so much fun with your grandkids. =)

Denise said...

It was fun, Anne Marie. Your shared experience, local salons, and other sites gave expert tips on this project.