Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sealed with a Kiss Valentine Envelope Soap

Melt & Pour Soaps: Sealed with a Kiss Envelope Soap

I love, love this new Valentine soap. It soooo easy to make and makes a statement. The lipstick kiss was an afterthought and I'm glad I did it.

Mold Market's Basic Square mold was used for the envelope and the edges trimmed with our wavy cutter. Trimming the edges added more interest to the shape.

The envelope flap was poured in the same square mold, but just a thin layer of soap. Remove and cut into triangle shapes and trim to fit the square.

The heart from the mini-cutter set was used for the heart seal. You can use any shape you want. If you happen to have a envelope sealing stamp lying around in a desk draw, it could prove to be an awesome embellishment.

Wax Heart Stamp

Melt and color a small portion of clear soap, color red and pour a round blob of soap onto wax paper. Let it set-up until slightly hardened and then use the wax heart seal to make an impression. Peel off the wax paper and apply (glue) to the envelope soap with clear clear melted soap.

Heads up on a few things when making this soap:

  1. Tip the mold when applying the glitter. We coated the envelope flap with clear soap and then brushed on the glitter using one of our mica brushes.
  2. Set the glitter application (once dry) with a light spray of hairspray to keep the glitter from falling onto the envelope area.
  3. Use clear melted soap to adhere the envelope flaps the the heart seal.
  4. We used smear-proof lip color to kiss our soaps and then lightly sprayed with hair spray to seal the color.

Product Used:

Liquid gel colors are always our first choice. A very small amount of Neon Bright Pink was used in white soap base for the envelope.

Hot pink glitter mixed with white glitter was used to glaze the envelope flap. The small red heart is colored with Tomato Red liquid gel and stamped out with the mini heart cutter.

Sure hope this gives inspiration to your Valentine soaping projects!

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