Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Melt & Pour Soap: 3-D Floral Tutorial

I recently had a new desktop installed in my office which required the services of our tech people. One of my favored programs could not be transferred to my new computer. I purchased an upgraded version and, holy sugar, it was a pain to learn.

I conquered the software, but it took time. Here is one of my newest tutorials using that software. Hope you enjoy! Thanks to Gabby for taking my idea and running with it.

The colors used in the above design are:

Neon Bright Blue (perched bird)
Neon Yellow, Flower Child Rock Me Raspberry, Lavender (flowers)
Neon Green (leaves and border)
Flower Child Tye Dye Orange (winged bird)
Brown Oxide in clear soap (branches)

The are so many design options for this soap. Use a plain oval, square or rectangle shapes to create an entirely new floral look.

I was a bit concerned how this soap would wrap, but there were no issues. I cut the stretch wrap to size, gently pulled it around the soap, taped the back side and used a low setting on my heat gun for a snug fit.

Purchase the new silicone border mold we used here. Everything needed for this project is available online at

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