Thursday, May 17, 2007

How Many Reading Glasses Can One Person Own?

This is a question my honey man asks every time I buy a new pair of reading glasses. I suppose it's a valid question considering I currently own 15 pair of reading glasses (which doesn't include the 3 new pair I just bought online). The most recent purchase was prompted by a friend who tipped me off about Oh my gosh, when I clicked on their "FUN" eyeglass link, my heart leaped and my pulse quickened. I was in "peeper" heaven.

I admit, I'm addicted to collecting reading glasses. But in my defense, it's a legitimate addiction. Come on, when you have to hold a book or magazine at arms length to read the print, you need reading glasses. Or, when your grandkids say, "Just a minute NeeNee, let me get your reading glasses", you have to fess up to your inability to read anything in print. It's an age thing. We all need reading glasses after a certain age, don't we?

You may be wondering what in the heck does one person do with so many reading glasses. Ah hah... there is logic to my madness. I have a pair in most every room of the house. At work, there are two pair in my office, another two in the packing area. One pair in the glove box of each car, a pair in my travel bag, two pair for rotating between purses, and the remainder for emergency situations (in case I can't remember where I left the last pair I was wearing).

Eye glasses are all colored differently and color determines location (it sounds pretty anal, but not nearly as anal as my husband pinning his socks together...that's another post in itself). Hence, glasses in the packing area are pink, kitchen eyeglasses are purple, office eyeglasses are blue, etc. It makes perfect sense to me. Unfortunately, I may end up needing a spreadsheet to reference eyeglass locations. Before that happens, I'll just place a hang tag on each pair of glasses with the designated location. Can you imagine a tag hanging from someone's glasses that reads "these belong in the office"?

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