Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Software I Can't Live Without

One of the best business investments I've made is a subscribtion to the online service It's critical that I have access to work files, software, UPS, order historys, printers, etc. when I travel abroad. Go To My PC allows me to securely access my company's computer network in real time from any Web browser or wireless device worldwide. Cost is around $15 a month (based on the annual plan).


1) No investment in expensive software for my laptop. I can remotely access any of my company's software and programs just by connecting to via a web browser.

2) The ability to review my employees work day while out of the office. I can view sales receipts, orders, shipments, correspondence, and print comments/notes to my employees. Yep! You can even print to your office printer.

3) I have full and complete access to everything on all of my PCs from anywhere. It's just like I was sitting in front of my work computer.


You're never really on vacation. As long as you have a wireless connection, you're connected to work. The proverbial "you can have your cake and eat it to" certainly applies to Go To My PC services. Staying connected is great, but can be the demise of anyone truly seeking a retreat from their work environment.

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