Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rubber Duck Addict

I'm an advocate of collecting something. Doesn't matter what, just something. For me, it's nutcrackers (I now have 232, including several 6 foot guys). I also have a collection of swizzle sticks... you know, those glass thing-a-ma-bobbers you use to swirl around in fancy drinks (over 100). I'm not saying a collection has to be useful. Case in point, swizzle sticks; totally useless. However, they do make a nice decoration or garnish in a drink. Forget that they have to be hand-washed at least twice a year because of all the dust they gather while on display (and rarely used).

My latest obession is collecting rubber ducks. Have you seen all the awesome rubber ducks on the market? As a soaper, it's a collection that makes sense. Come'on, I own a soap supply company, what could be more practical than my own private collection of rubber ducks.

There really are some truly awesome duckies to be found on the net. The above duck is a collectible duck designed by Bud by DesignRoom. Sporting unique designs, these Luxury Ducks come in boxes with the same pattern with a domed window in front. They are made out of non phthalate plastic, which is a non-toxic plastic and safe for babies mouths.

It's a tradition to give our grand kids a special tree ornament at Christmas time. This year, that will all change. This year I'm giving them a rubber duck. A way-cool unique rubber duck every Christmas holiday. What a novel idea. Hey, maybe I'll give a way-cool rubber duck on their birthdays too.

Of course, the way-cool rubber duck looks even bettter when sitting atop the Mold Market Duck Pond soap mold (which we just happen to sell!).

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