Sunday, July 08, 2007

Do-It-Yourself Romantic Candle Dress Ups

I love candles, but don't want to fuss with making them. I now just purchased ready-made candles and then look for ways to dress them up. Here are a few ideas that I've used (courtesy of Better Homes & Garden) and all cost very little money. Most of these items can be found around your home.

Wrap gold crafts wire around the clear glass candleholders. Wrap and twist the wire freely, or tightly for a wire motif bow. I like to thread a few glass beads through the wire.

For a natural look, use tiny clay flowerpots for holding candles. Add a base of polished rocks and bits of moss, highlighted with a few larger rocks that offer words of congratulations. Use a stencil for the lettering or rub-on letters.

Stand candles in vase and tie with ribbon. Make sure ribbon is well away from flames.

Fill the bottom of a vase or glass container one-third with sand or gravel. Arrange a grouping of dripless taper candles in the sand, allowing the candles to fall playfully to the side, resting on the container edge.

The next time you have a garden or yard party, tea, or special event such as a bridal shower think outside the box. Candles make great centerpieces and generally cost less than floral arrangements. When visiting a second hand shop, the beach, a dollar store... look for containers, elements, and ideas for making unique candle arrangements. Some of my best candle containers have been found at garage sales. Someone elses junk can be your treasure!

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