Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wooden Soap Mold for Cold Process Soap Here is the newest addition to our mold line-up. Made in the USA from quality pine these wooden loaf molds have finished/sanded edges and feature quality craftmanship. For use with cold-process soap. Each mold sold is helping an unemployed craftsman in our area. Michigan's econony is one of the worst in the Nation. Most of these guys/gals are not able to draw unemployment and building these loaf boxes is helping to put food on the table or fill gas tanks. It's just one of the ways that GoPlanetEarth is giving back to our community.

Wooden Soap Mold
The rectangular shaped box lifts off the base for easy release. Lid fastens with bolts. As with all wooden molds, you MUST line box with waxed freezer paper; but, we make it easy by pre-lining so it's ready for first-time use.

Once the mold is filled, cover the soap with plastic wrap and place the lid on top. When the soap is covered in this way, it will not need insulation while curing. Clean the mold by scraping with a putty knife or by wiping with a damp cloth. Do not soak in water.

Wooden Soap Mold Molds are offered in two, four and six pound sizes. For a complete list of interior dimensions visit

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