Monday, February 09, 2009

Possible Retraction on Bath Soap Crayons??

Earlier today I posted about my soap crayon testing. However, the real testers were here this evening. That would be my grandkids. They immediately spotted a round blue ball in the bathroom. Yep, you guessed, it was one of the soap flake test crayons.

There are no word to describe how excited they were to try it out. They thought it was (and I'm quoting here) the coolest, most awesome soap ever! Since I used the term "bath crayon", they had a hard time understanding that they weren't suppose to be coloring the mirror, the toilet seat, the glass shower doors and walls. In their mind, a bath crayon was for coloring EVERYTHING in the bathroom. It took NeeNee about 2 seconds (nah... more like a 1/4 second) to make it VERY clear this was a crayon for the bath tub. Nixnay on the glass shower doors.

The kids did some coloring on the sink to see how the soap crayon worked. They left my house toting their little soap ball crayons home in plastic baggies for tonight's bath.

I must say that letting the soap crayons set for 3 days instead of 2 made a difference in the firmness of the crayon. I'll still do a 2nd test batch that includes other colors and hotter water. But for now, it was a hit with the 3-6 year old age group. I may have to issue a retraction on some of my initial test opinions.

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Bath Rugs said...

I want to use your term "bath crayon" and I wonder what is my kid's reaction. Thanks for sharing your story.