Sunday, February 01, 2009

MP Soap Tutorial Using Mold Market Cupcake Mold

Mold Market's cup cake mold is one of GoPlanet's top selling molds. Each sheet has 2 cupcake bases and 2 toppers. Our most recent soap making tutorial shows the basics on how to make these adorable melt and pour cupcake soaps. You can get way more creative than we did by adding glitter, layering soap colors, adding soap frosting, or even colorful sprinkles. NOTE: If you want to add sprinkles, but a layer of food grade sprinkles in the cupcake topper, then pour your soap over the sprinkles. You'll want to pour at a relatively cool temp to keep the sprinkles from melting.

A quick and easy project to do with kids and a great Valentine's Day classroom project. Have kids wrap finished soap in a sheet of cellophane and tie with ribbon. Make tags that read, "You're a cupcake of a Valentine." Just be sure to label it as soap so no one takes a bite out of it!

In the below tutorial, you'll learn how to attach the base and topper.


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