Sunday, February 22, 2009

Melt & Pour Soap Crayons- A Tutorial

Mold Market's new soap crayon mold arrived this week and has already become one of my favorite molds. On Saturday afternnoon, the grandkids and I made a batch of soap crayons. They loved picking out all the colors (we used liquid gels) and scents. We printed out the soap crayon labels available on our web site.

We used GoPlanetEarth's Pure & Natural melt and pour soap base and Ultra White base to create these colorful soap crayons. They don't write or color, but the grandkids didn't seem to care. They just thought these jumbo crayons were awesome and couldn't wait to take them in the tub. I have found that if you over-colored the soap base with liquid gel colors, the soap crayon does make markings on a porcelain surface or on ceramic tiles. Colors like red, blue, and green seem to show up the best.

Little Miss O (soon to be three) was a big help. Her job was to stir the color into the soap base. She was quick to point out, "It's a 'portant job, isn't it NeeNee?"

You'll find all the supplies for this project at along with a brief video tutorial on making these kid-friendly soaps.

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Amanda@BareBlossom said...

I received my molds and I can't wait to make the soap crayons. I also bought the puzzle piece mold.