Monday, June 01, 2009

Finished Soaps Using Mold Market Molds

You may or may not know that GoPlanetEarth carries the entire line of Mold Market brand molds. I get excited whenever I run across photos of soaps made with these molds. Here is a collection of photos that our staff found while surfing the Net. Whether the molds were purchased from GoPlanetEarth or from another supplier, across the board, Mold Market molds are superior in quality and design.

Enjoy the pics! I hope they lend inspiration in manufacturing soap using Mold Market designs. You will find credits for all the wonderful soaps showcased at the end of the slide show.

OOPS! Almost forgot to mention....

Place an online order TODAY of 4 or more regular priced Mold Market molds (sale molds excluded) from the GoPlanet web site and we'll inlcude a FREE Mold Market apron. YOU MUST enter the discount code BLOG (during online checkout) to be eligible for this offer.


Anonymous said...

Cute soaps but where did you get the bathtubs the soaps are in?

Denise said...

You may want to contact They sheep and octopus are are soaps they have made. They may be able to share info.