Thursday, June 04, 2009

Some Green Packaging Ideas for Soap

One of GoPlanet's tutorials was recently featured on (how to line a wooden soap mold). I couldn't help but take a peek at the many great crafting ideas offered. This site covers a wide gambit of crafts from glass art to recycled crafts. During my visit a couple of clever green packaging ideas caught my attention and best yet, they can be done on a shoestring budget.

Creative Packaging for Soap

The above soap is wrapped with a strip of newspaper and finished off with natural raffia. How cool is this? I remember back in my college days doing a "how-to" demonstration on how-to wrap a gift from re-cycled products; newpaper was the wrap of choice. I used the help-wanted section to wrap a college graduation gift. Jobs pertaining to the graduate's career path were circled in red marker. Corrie of Lomond Soaps shows another creative use for newpaper.

GoPlanet did a tutorial a while back on how-to make soap logs or soap rolls. Here is a creative take on dressing up those finished soap rolls as shared on using handmade paper and natural dyed raffia. Presto, bingo... you've got yourself a very handsome looking soap log.

This green packaging option is from GoPlanet. A recycled corrugated shipping box was cut into pieces to fit each soap. The corrugated side faces up. The soap is set atop excelsior (natural aspen wood fibers). A couple of bay leafs were placed behind the soap, then shrink wrap was applied. The final touch included threading several strands of natural raffia through punched holes.

Do you have a green packaging idea to share? I'd love to hear from you. As part of GoPlanet's green commitment, we are always looking for ways to recycle and are continually brainstorming on ways to create more green packaging options from recyled materials.

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