Monday, June 08, 2009

Melt & Pour Part One: Cut-out Retro Flower Soaps

Learn how to make melt & pour retro flower soaps by using punched circle shapes. In this two-part tutorial we used circle shapes to create some funky retro flowers that are embedded in clear soap. Supplies for this tutorial project can be purchased at

This is a great melt and pour project for beginners just learning to embed shapes into soap. Part two of this tutorial offers another design option and should be posted online within the next couple of days.

The cut-out color options are endless. Let this tutorial be a launching pad for your own design ideas.
Here's what you need for this project:



tracie said...


i just came across your blog and fell in LOVE with your adorable retro flower soaps. i have never ever created soap and had the urge this morning to see how difficult it may be. you have made me very excited to give this a try. i'm very comfortable creating in the papercrafting world (as I have a blog also in that arena), but am excited to give this a try.

i do have a question, what is the best way for me to start considering i'm very, very new at this. i LOVE the retro flowers and that process didn't seem to be too difficult to me. it's much like creating a papercrafting project, i just need to get the measurements down. any advice on the best items to purchase would be super!1

thank you so much.
tracie from pittsburgh.

Denise said...

Tracie, thanks for your response. We do list the materials needed on the blog. Since we have no idea how many soaps a customer is making at one time, it's difficult to project how much material is needed. Please email be a and I will do my best to help you plan your project.

Denise said...

Oops! That email address should read