Monday, June 08, 2009

Melt and Pour Part Two: Cut-out Retro Flower Soaps

This post is the part two of our tutorial on how to use circle/flower cut-out shapes to make retro flower embeds. We used the same basic Mold Market rectangle mold as in our last tutorial, but mixed up the shapes and colors.

In this tutorial, we cut a pipette in half and used it to punch-out the small circles around the pink flower center shown above. GoPlanetEarth sells all of the supplies you will need to complete this soap project.

Here's what you will need to complete this soap project:

Watch instructional tutorial:

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Dr. Sus said...

This idea is SOO cute! You are SO creative when it comes to making soaps! I am looking into starting to do melt and pour soap making. Is there any easy way to embed or mold words, or lots of letters onto soap?