Monday, February 28, 2011

We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to Christina from Crossville, TN. She is the recipient of (10) 1/2 ounce fragrance oil samples of our most popular Spring scents. Our FB Giveaway asked that our Fans submit why they like to make soap. The drawing was random, but it was very interesting to read all the comments. I've posted Christina's comment as well as a few others. Thanks to everyone (and there were a good number) who entered. Look for more FB giveaways in March.

Our winner, Christina wrote....

"I first became interested in soap making at the age of 5 years. My family went to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO before it became known as Branson, and outside there were these ladies dressed in 1800s costume making soap. I stood there watching them as long as my parents would let me. I couldn't take my eyes off them. I never forgot it and always in the back of my mind was the desire to start my business making soap. I would go into stores and would think if only this was available in this color and fragrance only it wasn't.

At our family owned and run business that is exactly what we offer. We offer all natural soap, body care, perfume, make-up, and hair care products that we make right in our kitchen. I am thrilled to see my life long dream come true. I truly love being able to personally make each customer's order. When they are allergic to a product offered we simply customize it for them using ingredients they are not allergic to.

Owning our business with my sister enables me to home school my 12 yr old daughter and spend quality time with her. It has drawn us much closer than when I was working for Employers. We look forward to seeing our business grow and my daughter is learning it."

Alison from California wrote:

"In this constant struggle against germs and dirt, One person must grab a bar of soap and say "Enough is enough!" I see myself as a hero amongst those who wish not only to be clean, but smell good and feel soft in the face of this adversary we call Body Odor! No longer will we walk around destroying others nose holes! No longer will we be ashamed to raise our arms with fear of killing those near us and ask "why can't we just smell good for once!?" That is why I Love to make soap! To help those in need of a good bathing. Not only help them, but help those around them AND RISE UP AGAINST STINK! =] "

Denise's comment: Clever~might need to hire you for marketing ;)

Tami from Utah wrote:

"I love soapmaking! As a woman, much of what I do each day... I wake up and do again the next day (laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc.). Soapmaking gives me a creative boost, and in the end I can stand back and look at the beautiful, fragrant soaps I have created and feel a touch of pride. Using them in the shower is the icing on the cake!! Having someone say their "wife asked for my soaps for Christmas" is the ultimate!!!"

Denise's comment: Yes, having someone request product or compliment you on it is a high. Keep it up!

Nikole from Michigan wrote:

"I've never thought of myself as a creative person - in fact, I pretty much thought I just ruined anything I tried to accomplish. so when I forced myself to choose a hobby, I picked soap making. Hey, why not get soft happy skin while stimulating my brain...right? It has completely changed my outlook on, well everything.

Not only is it actually fun to design and create items that are actually good for your skin, but for me it's more. Making soap gave me confidence that I've really lacked for a long time in different parts of my life, it extends further than just feeling that boost from having people compliment me on my products (and actually purchase things from me because they really do like them) but somehow it's also helped me to realize that I can't possibly suck at Everything, right? haha, That's what I'm going with anyways :) "

Denise's comment: You keep going with that girlfriend!! I've always been a creative person. Sadly, my daughter always compared herself to me and my work. She felt she lacked in her creative abilities. Today, she has far surpassed me in more creative ways than one. It's all about perservering and believing that you can "DO IT!" Thanks for sharing.

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Well Congrats! Good Job!