Monday, May 09, 2011

Best Mother's Day Gift Ever!

I enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day with my Mom, husband and daughter's family. My honey-man grilled out steaks and roasted veggies and I made an awesome low-cal/low fat "Fudge Brownie Blitz" for dessert. The weather was sunny & beautiful so we were able to eat lunch on the deck.

I am pictured here with a prized possession gifted to me by my daughter. When my Daddy passed away in September 2008, my daughter took only two keepsakes. 1) An undershirt (because she slept in one of grandpa's undershirts when she stayed the night as a young child) and, 2) all of grandpa's ties. Trust me, my Daddy had many as he dressed in suits every Sunday for church (he was a minister/pastor). The lap quilt pictured contains snippets of my Daddy's ties. My daughter also had quilts made for my Mom and herself. My grand kids each received a mini blanket as a keepsake. Quite honestly, this was the best Mother's Day gift I have ever received.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day as well. It's a busy day with lots of catching up to do from this hectic weekend. Sophie Soap Chick is now home from University and should be dropping in on occasion to work on some new soaping projects. I have some great ideas for her.... but, can't tell :)

I'll be posting the winners of the "Why I Love the USA" MOLD GIVEAWAY from last week. My staff picked two top winners.

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good_mood said...

Это очень душевный подарок! У хорошей любящей мамы вырастают очень хорошие детки. С днем Матери Вас!(in Russian)
This is a very spiritual gift! A good loving mom grow very good kids.
Happy Mother's Day !