Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why I Love the USA Soap Mold GiveAway

And the winners are.....

Christina from TN and Jean from IA. Congratulations. My staff read every entry and, believe me, it was hard to pick. For that reason, I am sending every person who entered this giveaway an "appreciation gift". As for the winners, your molds and soaping apron are in the mail.

Here is what Jean had to say about the USA:

I love living in the USA because we have the chance to follow our dreams. Our country gives us a chance to pursue our dreams by providing educational opportunities for all, and the freedom to choose what path we wish to take. Here is how our family members have taken different paths to follow our dreams. My husband and two daughters are all graduating from college on the same day (Michelle Obama is scheduled to be the keynote speaker). One will get a doctorate, one a masters, and one a bachelors degree. Thankfully, all are gainfully employed : ) in the fields of their choosing. Meanwhile, our son is a member of the US Army. He chose that path as his way to a career and an education unlike any other. As he entered basic training, he commented that it's ironic that in order to defend freedom, he has to give his up. It amazes me that we have so many wonderful men and women who are committed to sacrificing their own comfort so they can defend the freedom that we enjoy. That is another reason I love living in the USA. Because of the freedoms we enjoy because of freedom defenders who gave up their freedom (and in many cases, their lives) in order to defend mine, I had the chance to attain my masters degree (I have no interest in pursuing a doctorate) and enjoy teaching online. Oh, and I also used my education and my freedom to pursue my dreams as I started my own small soap making business.

Thanks for the chance to tell what I love about living in the USA! God bless you, and God bless the USA.

And, this was Christina's entry:

I love living in the USA because of the freedom we are still allotted here. Freedom of religion is a great and cherished freedom that should never be taken for granted. Many Christians around the world are tortured and put to death for a freedom and privilege we in America take for granted every week. We are not punished, houses are not broken into, and we are not hauled to prison for praying or having a Bible in our house or car. So many times in other countries around the world people are dragged out of their houses or cars and either sent to a fate worse than death being a prison of such horrific conditions that they suffer with diseases for years prior to dying and are tortured daily for the "Crime" of having a Bible in their possession.

We also have a wonderful freedom called Freedom of Speech. We are allowed to say what we want when we want although some people do take that privilege to extreme but most of us use it wisely yet we take it for granted.

America is blessed with many privileges and freedoms we simply take for granted as The Constitution protects us and guarantees us these freedoms and privileges. Many people in countries that are not allotted these freedoms risk their lives time and time again to try to grant their families a taste of this freedom we take for granted everyday.

Thank you for our freedom and the privilege of living in the USA!!

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