Friday, May 06, 2011

FINALLY! Spring Arrives in Michigan

The weeping cherry tree is blooming. YIPPEE!! I can see this tree outside my kitchen window and it brings great joy to see these little pink blossoms emerging from the grayness of Michigan post-Winter. It also reminds me of prom season (which is happening this weekend in our area). My daughter would always have prom pics taken beneath this tree. Of course, the tree was smaller then :) It's grown a bit since my daughter was in high school as you tell from the picture we had taken last night. It was at my grandson's 2nd grade school concert.


good_mood said...

Very beautiful tree! Do you find the beauty of it! Or is it from you :-))

Denise said...

@GoodMood... thank you! What a nice comment. I am a firm believer there is beauty all around us. We just have to slow down long enough to see and enjoy it. This tree is a good example and reminds me that life changes, just like the seasons. However, with change, new and beautiful things often emerge. :))