Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Going Green...with Kale

Many of my followers know that I've been on a mission to lose weight. To date, I've lost 25 pounds and I'm back to my "ideal" weight. Eating healthy and in small portions is how I've been able to lose. Trying to incorporate green foods can sometimes be challenging. Here is one of the ways that I am using greens (such as Kale which I would not otherwise eat) into my daily diet.

This is a "green" smoothie that I made this morning. My daughter stopped by to picked up a few things before work. She took one look at the smoothie and said, "What the hey is that?" and headed to fetch some coffee. What she didn't know...it was for her. Once she sampled it and got past the color, her statement was "WOW, this is awesome!".

Here is my own home-brewed Green Kale Smoothie recipe. It's very tasty, but again, you have to get past the ugly color. It looks like pea soup, but the taste is ever so yummy. I'm also including a bonus recipe for a facial mask using the papaya seeds in a separate blog post. It's ideal for oily skin but can be used for all skin types.

2 cups chopped kale leaf
1 banana
2 cups water
1 cup frozen non-sugar strawberries
2 cups chopped papaya
1 tablespoon splenda sugar

Place ingredients in blender until you reach a smooth consistency. This recipe yielded 9 cups for me.

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