Saturday, December 03, 2011

Glassine Bag Gift Wrap Idea

When I spotted this creative packaging idea at Katherine Marie (she's a photographer), I immediately thought of the glassine bags GPE sells for soaps. These are white pastry bags, but glassine bags will work equally well. Slip a soap into the bag and tie with twine or butcher's cord (red and white colored cord is available). Add a small candy cane to the front and a printed Kraft label on back side.

The packaging will cost you about $1.10 per soap. Just make sure your melt and pour soaps are wrapped first to prevent them from sweating onto the bag. Shrink wrap or plastic wrap work well.

Glassine Bags for Soap
You will find butcher twine at Walmart (where you find plastic wrap) or do a Google search if you're looking for a red and white twine. There are plenty of places locally that sell butcher twine.

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