Monday, March 05, 2012

Packaging Rock Soaps

I'm behind on uploading the Rock Candy tutorial and I apologize. I know that many of you are anxiously awaiting its arrival. My "OCD" kicked in this weekend and I couldn't help myself (that's the story I'm sticking to) and I became obsessed with how to package these sweet little soaps. I love the results. The best part, this packaging format will be available on our web site as a FREE printable. We will also offer the option of ordering a pre-printed kit (at a cost). Just hang onto your britches while we get everything in place.

There are two different label tags. One is for Rock Candy, and the other simply reads, Soap, Soap, Soap (click the inset image to enlarge). You can either hand-write or apply a clear label naming the scent.

I plan to offer this packaging in three different color formats. I should have them all uploaded within the next week. I used a double-sided color printed so the striped pattern printed on both sides of the insert. No double-sided printer? No worries. Just leave the back side plain. White card stock paper was used for the inserts and labels.

My insantity kicked into high gear when packaging these soaps for a local boutique. Their customer base is 99% women. Wheels began turning in my peanut size brain. Why not use "fun & whimsical" scent names on each package? Any fragrance could be used with no concern about changing the label. Heck, this is a fun, novelty soap and the scent names should reflect this playful concept. Here are scent names I created for the specialty boutique:

  • Polka Dotted Panties
  • I'll Let You Be Right
  • Gravity At Work
  • Altered Ego
  • I Changed My Mind
  • It's All About Me
  • Counting Sheep
  • Bad Hair Day
  • Vary Smrt
  • What's the Point
  • Don't Interrupt Me
  • Get Over It

Packaging fits our 4 x 2 x 9 gusseted clear cello bags. GoPlanet's small soap bags are a perfect fit for the rock candy soaps. How fun to use these as favors at a special event. Slip a personalized printed message into the back side of each bag.


soyoungi blog said...

Where can we get these wonderful printable for free?

Denise said...

The printables won't be available for another week. I am still finalizing the designs and completing the tutorial. Check my blog as it will have a post when the printables are online. :))