Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Soft Serve Ice Cream Tutorial

A customer recently purchased the Mold Market Soft Serve Ice Cream mold and wanted to know how to use it. I hunted through photo files to see if I had snapshots. YIPPEE!! I found some. They may not be the best photos, but they certainly give a decent presentation on how to use this mold.Soap.

The first step is to melt, color and scent the soap for the cone. You will need clear soap base mixed with 20% white soap base. Add equal parts of yellow oxide liquid gel and bronze liquid gel. You will have to eyeball the color based on how much soap you have melted. I suggest adding 1 teaspoon of GoPlanet fragrance oil per pound of melted soap base.

Pour the cone colored soap into the mold.

Don't worry about the top portion of the soft serve cone. It will be trimmed off once the soap has set up. Only the cone portion will be left.

Once soap has hardened, remove from mold using gentle pressure. With a large kitchen knife, cut off the top portion of the soft serve cone. Set aside and use when pouring other soap cones. The soap base can be remelted.

Place the bottom cone section back into the mold. Push down on the soap so that it is securely locked in place. You don't want any of colored soap from the top section to seep under the cone.

Melt, color and fragrance the soap you will be using for the top portion of the cone. Make sure you let it cool down to a comfortable pouring temperature. If you can comfortably dip your pinky finger into the melted soap, you are good to go.

Pour the colored soap into the top half of the mold. Let set until firm.

I like to let the soap set up overnight. Gently pop soap out of molds cavities and wrap for packaging.

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