Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wheat Grass Soaps (I hope!)

With Easter just around the corner, I am growing wheat grass for use as a table display. I purchased some organic wheat grass (about 1 pound) and soaked the seeds in water as recommended. It helps the seeds to germinate faster. I'm in somewhat of a time crunch since it generally takes 9-10 days for the wheat grass to grow to a reasonable height.

If the grass grows, I will also be making wheat grass soaps to gift to my dinner guests. Definitely crossing my fingers that my green thumb attempt works.

I selected a ceramic dish (it will be the main table centerpiece) and lined it with the top of a shoebox cut to size. Several layers of moist paper towels line the box top. I applied a moist layer of peat soil using a spray water bottle to moisten the peat. The soaked wheat grass seeds were evenly distributed into the peat soil. Push down slightly to secure seeds into the soil.

Using the water bottle, lightly spritz the planted seeds. They need to remain moist during their growing session (about 9-10 days). I’m anxious to see if the roots sprout. I covered the dish with plastic wrap to create a greenhouse effect.

Wheat grass does not require direct sunlight to grow, so I’m keeping the dish on a side counter in the kitchen.

My granddaughter, Olivia, helped me plant smaller egg shaped containers. If all goes well, these will be displayed at each table setting along with a colorful egg nestled in the grass. It's a win/win or lose/lose project. Easter is on the April 8 and I'm a bit behind the estimated growing time. If anyone has successfully cultivated wheat grass, I welcome your input.

We cut newspaper to fit the egg cups. The paper was soaked in water to help facilitate seed germination. Wish us luck, my grand kids are really counting on making the wheat grass soaps. In case you are clueless what wheat grass looks like....



Anonymous said...

Did it work?

Denise said...

Yes, it did (yay!!). I posted pics this morning on my blog. I was quite happy with the outcome.