Friday, March 16, 2012

Spin for Success

The grand kids arrived for their usual Wednesday night stay. The threesome bounded through the door and immediately spotted a spinning prize wheel on the counter. In a matter of seconds, the clicking wheel was in motion.

The wheel was a display piece my husband discovered in a storage closet at work. He was certain I would find a use for it. Come on, I have grand kids, of course I would find a use. I traced the original inserts and created colorful, age-appropriate inserts.

I watched intently as the grand kids took turns at the wheel. Would their spin yield wins, loses, opportunities or frustrations? Would my "I've got an Idea" draw cards inspire them? My intent was to create a fun game. But, I also wanted each turn of the wheel to mirror life-learning lessons. As adults (and business owners), we sometimes need to take a spin at the wheel and reflect on the following.

“Lose a Prize” Spin

Life isn't always fair and expectations can be dashed. Don’t have a pity party over disappointment, perceived unfairness, or failed promises. Accept it as a time-out moment. Not everyone plays by the rules.

“Move Backwards” Spin

Things don't always go as planned. You can prepare and plan but sometimes you're just meant to learn a lesson.

“Opposite Direction” Spin

Aim in the right direction, knowing chance can sometimes determine the outcome. Have a mindset that turns "opposite direction" challenges into opportunities.

“I Have an Idea” Spin

When inspired with an "I have an idea (light bulb moment)", weigh both the good and bad. If it seems feasible, believe in yourself, embrace the idea and run with it.

“Lose a Turn” Spin

A “Lose a turn” moment in life does not reflect failure. It’s only a momentary delay in reaching your goals. Refocus and move on.

“Zap Me” Spin

People, circumstances and events can zap energy. When facing complicated situations, remain proactive and determine how much energy you are willing to forfeit toward a resolution. Accept that some situations may never be resolved. You may not always win or liked.

“Circle” Spin

Call it Karma, but what goes round comes round. A specific action leads to a specific result. Decisions and choices you make today comes back to you.

“Square” Spin

Life is about balance. Each side of a square represents self, family, business, community. Do you need to rebalance these areas? Have awareness of what's right for you and stop doing anything that's not moving you toward that goal.

It’s no surprise that operating a successful business involves planning, testing, marketing and having a vision. Your wheels may be spinning, but don’t confuse movement with progress. If there are no signs of progress, it's time to reassess goals.

After 35 years in the business, I have learned a successful life, family or business is not built on wild card spins. If things aren't working as planned redirect your momentum and energy to produce positive results. Learn to adapt your plans to new circumstances and opportunities. Anyone can spin the wheel, but not everyone sees opportunity behind each spin.


Bath-a-Licious said...

That was awesome! :) I'am a mother, military spouse & a small business owner (Bath-a-Licious Bath Bombs Etc., LLC) your blog has inspired me more than a "normal" blog! Thank You! ~Melissa

Denise said...

Thanks, Melissa. I'm glad you found inspiration; that's my goal. I wish you much success in your business. Plz give a shout of thanks to your husband for his service to our country.

Kevin said...

This is great way to use the Mini Prize Wheel. Do you mind if I share this with our customers on