Thursday, November 08, 2012

Gobble Gobble Turkey Decoration

Tonight my 6 year old grand daughter made a special turkey for her 1st grade glass. Markers, crayons, paint and colored pencils were not allowed. You had to use things from around the house. Well, who better than NeeNee to have all the things needed to make a turkey? Yep, feathers, colored macaroni, water balloons for the wattle (appendage that hangs beneath the beak), buttons for the eyes, pipe cleaners for the feet.... it was a colorful display for Olivia's turkey.

It's a special "girls night" with Miss O. We are going to watch a "girlie" movie and then snuggle and read a bed time book. She already has the story book picked out. I love this age. I can't do anything wrong in the mind of my grand kids (except not knowing how to operate the TV remote). They love hanging and doing craft projects.

Life is good!

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