Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Soap Molds: Mold Market Leaves & Berries

This is one of newest Mold Market designs (Leaves & Berries Mold). I've been experimenting with colors to determine what shades I like best. My second test results of Kelly Green and tomato red liquid gels are shown in the above photo. The green and red displayed well against a white soap background.

My first attempt didn't fair well. The green color was too light (pictured above). A few more drops of green colorant deepened the shade and gave the desired result.

You will need to use GPE's injector soap tool with this mold. It was late at night when pouring these soaps. I now wish I would have paid more attention to the mold details. That's what happens when you're pouring soap after midnight. The simplicity of the overall design coupled with the leaf details is awesome. I give this mold a 10. It's a winner!

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