Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Melt & Pour Soap Making: Camouflage Birthday Soaps

 Next month begins what I dub birthday month. I host three birthday parties all within the span of 4 weeks. It's something my grand kids have grown to expect and, trust me, a few balloons with cupcakes and ice cream isn't on the party agenda.

My nine-year old grandson is having a camp-out again this year with a few of his friends. They will have over 10 acres of wooded property to run wild and play combat. These soaps will be included in the party gift bags.

This is one of the newest designs from the Mold Market line and each area was colored using our injector tool. This isn't a soap project for the faint of heart. It takes patience and time to fill in each area. You will want to have a recessed smoother tool on hand to clean up any over pours.

Use our liquid gel earth tone colors to achieve the camouflage coloring. You will need to experiment mixing colors until you find the right color match.

The soaps shown were all made with white melt and pour base.

If you aren't a patient person, consider pouring the soap in layers as pictured below. You can also mix up three camo colors, let them set up until a thin skin begins to form on the top of soap. Pour all three colors at the same time (slowly!) until you have a thin layer of soap. You will need a second pair of hands to help with the pouring.
Swirl the colors carefully with the end of a wooden skewer for a blended camo look.

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