Thursday, April 04, 2013

Soaper's Shout Out: Cold Country Soaps


I will be sending Teresa a Mold Market soaping apron and a few other goodies tucked inside the apron pocket. Thanks Teresa for submitting your favorite soap and sharing your passion for soap making.

There is still an opportunity to receive a free soaping apron and goodies by emailing  a picture of your favorite hand-made soap along with a short bio about yourself. I have two more aprons to give away. Don't be shy. Strut your stuff and let us see what you've been up to in your soaping kitchen.

Teresa's Bio

My name is Teresa Jensen from a very small town in Northern Minnesota (Bovey). I am mother of 2 fabulous children and married for 18 years. I am 8 months into soap making and loving every time I create a soap.

I started with MP and moved to Cold Process 5 months ago and now have started teaching myself cupcake piping. Love both methods so I make both. The endless possibilities of soap making I LOVE IT !! 

Loving the benefits of handmade soap, getting the word out to others in my community to try handmade soap, (with the help of family and friends) has been great that I started a little shop Cold Country Soaps. This is the perfect hobby/business for me. Now that my children are 17 and 19 I needed something to keep me busy.

I have tried other hobbies but after awhile interest faded until I bought $100 worth of soap supplies and I kept building shelves to add more supplies. After dedicating a room of my house to soaping I knew I found my hobby/business.

Thank you Teresa for sharing your beautiful cupcake soaps with all of us.

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