Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Soaper's Shout Out: Kokolele Soaps

Kokolele Soaps

Yesterday, I posted on FB about a give-away for soaping aprons courtesy of Mold Market brand molds. The catch? You must email me a picture of one of your best soaps along with a short bio. If I showcase your soap on my blog, you will receive an apron with something special tucked inside one of the pockets. I have five aprons to giveaway. This is a great opportunity for free business exposure, plus free stuff. Can't beat that!
Maria, from Kokolele Soaps has been a long time customer of GoPlanet, and was also the first to submit her entry. Her soaps amaze me and leave me wondering, "How'd she do that?" Maria told me the above soap was made with Mold Market's #001 Basic Rectangle mold and GPE's liquid gel colorants. Look at what you can do with just a simple, basic shaped mold. Or, should I say, look at what Maria can do.

Maria's Bio
My friends and family ,including my grandkids, they were the first persons who tried my soap creations, they loved them and gave me the idea to start to share them with others.

I have some business in Australia and the last year I traveled to Central America and I could start another little business in Costa Rica with success....and now the best part is that I am making a lot of Free Soap for children in Kenya, Africa..♥

I am very happy working in my home in Arkansas, making every soap by myself when it is ordered, I don't pre-make soaps, I like for my customers to receive freshly made soap , for this reason you can tell me your favorite scent and colors about any design you like, I will make it for you with love ♥

I will be showcasing Maria's awesome soaps that were made using Mold Market molds. The things she can do with a mold is impressive. Check my blog over the next couple of days to visually sample her blue ribbon (at least in my opinion) soaping artistry.

Thanks, Maria for your submission. Your apron and special gift is on its way!

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