Friday, April 05, 2013

Small Gift Packaging: Make a Paper Tray

Mother's Day is just around the corner. We've been playing around with some gifting idea for small products... namely, soap! The wrapped box is one of GPE's soap boxes wrapped in Kraft packing paper. I love the simplicity of Kraft paper and the countless ways it can be embellished for just pennies.

The orange band is scrapbook paper that was cut to size. A paper heart doily was trimmed to fit the corner of the box. A scalloped circle was stamped out from vintage paper and a craft button added. The technique used to make the vintage paper is easy and I'll share in a future blog post.

The tray box was made using a 6 x 6 inch piece of double sided scrapbook paper. Two opposing edges were stamped out with a border stamp and then scored for folding.

I've given the steps below to cut and form the tray box. Where you make the folds and cuts will vary depending on the product you will be placing in the tray.

I sized my folds to fit two, one-ounce bottles that I will fill with lotion and shower gel.

 1) Stamp two opposing sides with a border stamp.

2) Use a scoring board to make score lines for folding.

3) Cut the corners as shown and make fold along all score lines to form the tray.

4) With an Exacto knife or box cutter make two small cuts on each end of the box (the ends without borders).

5) Insert the borders sides into the cuts to make sure they fit well. Use double sided tape on the corners of the tray (near the slits). Slide the bordered edges into the slits and press down on tape to secure in place.

Fold along score lines.

 Fill the tray box with coordinating shredded paper and position your product for display. The small trays are ideal for showcasing soap and small bottles of toiletry product at craft shows or in retail settings.

You different papers to create seasonal trays for Spring, Fall, Easter, Christmas or Thanksgiving. Experiment with different border stamps and paper sizes.

At most, this decorative paper tray cost about a nickel. Your only investment is a border stamp, but they are reasonably priced at craft stores and it can be over and over again. Consider it an investment.

 You can adapt this same box tray technique to make a small lidded box. Just make the box lid slightly bigger so that it slides over the base of the box.


sssoap said...

You talent knows NO bounds~ Most Excellante' I just bought that stamp too~ Amazing, Thanks for the post~!!!

Denise said...

You are too kind. Thank you! FYI, the tray box also fits a standard size bath bar perfectly.