Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Based on my birthday cake.... I'm only 16!!! YEAH

Sad, but true. I celebrate a birthday this week. Hey, at least I'm still 6-feet above ground and that's worth celebrating.

We had a birthday dinner last night at my daughter's house. My grandson helped mommy make the cake (it was chocolate and oooohhh so good!). I was happy to see that my grandson only put 16 candles on the cake proving he DEFINITELY loves his NeeNee. Do I even remember being 16?

After dinner, Poppy and I were put in charge of bath and bedtime rituals for the grand kids. Darn.... it really took a lot of arm pulling to get us to do it (hah!). My son-in-law is working on a special project in Montana for the next two weeks and my daughter was happy for the company. God love her for even hosting dinner. She works full time as a school adminstrator, is mommy to 2 toddler kids, and working on her masters. Not sure how she does it (though she did walk me into her bedroom to show me mile high stacks of laundry that needed to be put away).

Pictured is NeeNee and Carson blowing out my 16 candles. Thank God it was only 16. Had it been my true age, we might have set the dining room on fire.

Aging isn't so bad when you have grandbabies. They make you feel young and best yet, have no concept of your age.

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