Monday, September 17, 2007

What's a Bath Bomb or Bath Fizzie and how do I make one?

A bath bomb, also called a bath fizzie, can be formed into a number of different shapes and is primarily made of baking soda and citric acid. When dropped in bath water, it fizzes until it is partially or completely dissovled. Often fragrance/essential oils are added to impart aroma. Color and other additives, such as glitter, sea salts, and mica, may also be added for esthetics or therapuetic value.

Think of a bath bomb as a giant Alka-Selzter tablet. Once the tablet is dropped into water, it become effervescent and fizzes like crazy creating lots bubbles. That's exactly what a bath bomb does; creates lot of tickley bubbles. But instead of tickling the throat and digestive tract, these bubbles tickle the skin. The bath bomb pictured in this post are from CherrieFlip and Cherrie Flip has a wonderful selection of ready-made bath bombs which are sure to inspire. The ice cream bath bomb (mold is from the Mold Market line) was made using melt and pour soap for the cone and a bath bomb for the ice cream.

The most popular form of bath bombs are bolus shapes (circular), but you'll also find them in a host of other shapes, like shells, fortune cookies, hearts, and fish. Here is one of our favorite Bath Fizzie recipes. sells colorants, fragrance, and specific bath bomb molds, including two from the Mold Market line and a 2-part 3-D ball. A good number of the other ingredients needed for bath fizzies can be found at your local grocery store.

Have a favorite bath bomb recipe or photos to share? Send 'em this way. I would love to showcase some of your best work!

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