Sunday, September 02, 2007

Carson's Cupcake Soaps

My 4-year old grandson, Carson, loves to come to NeeNee and Poppy's house on the weekends. Mostly because he and I make "soap stuff". We have matching aprons that we wear whenever we do soap "stuff". A couple of times I've grabbed an apron that didn't match his. Bad idea! He would have no part of it. Our aprons MUST match.

My grandson has no real concept of what I do for a living. He just knows it's about soap AND that NeeNee let's him help whenever she's experimenting with a new idea.

Well, this past weekend we made cupcake soaps. Carson's favorite part was picking out the scents and adding the sprinkles on top. He discovered a number of different sprinkles in the cupboard and (as you can see from the photo) used them all. His choice fragrance picks were strawberry, apple, bubblegum, and fudge brownies. I did the frosting and pouring of soap, other than that, he did most of the work himself. He put the soap chunks in the melting cup, adding the scent and color (and, of course, the sprinkles).

The base of each cupcake was poured into a paper cupcake holder. Once it set up, we piped the cupcake frosting on top (using a large zip lock bag). A table knife and (fingers) were used to shape the soap frosting. I'm still working on the perfect soap frosting recipe that's easy and works with melt and pour soap base. Once I have it down, I will be sharing with you. I was pretty pleased with the first go around. The frosting hardened nicely once applied making the soaps easy to wrap.


Roxie's mama said...

Hello! I love your cupcakes. Please share how you made them. I've been searching for a way to do the frosting and can't find any resources for melt and pour soaps. Any help would be appreciated!

Great blog! Thank you

TempestBath said...

I have used the ziplock bag method and found that constantly mashing the bag until semi-solid before piping does a satisfactory job for icing. I found a website that the icing looks like whipped cream from a can but they have yet to tell me how they did it. I will keep trying though and let you know when I find out. Love your blog and goplanet.