Monday, September 10, 2007

Kudos to this young mom, I split a gut on this one

My daughter emailed a recent Ebay posting to me. I'm guessing it's because I recently walked out of a store without paying for a pair of socks (for my grandson). It wasn't intentional. We were shopping a huge strip mall with my grandkids. If you've ever shopped with small children you know it's no cake walk. At some point my grandson needed to use the restroom (this was his 3rd trip) which required us to leave the store and walk the length of a football field to the bathroom. I managed to pry the 3-pack super hero socks from his sticky, soiled hands and tenatively placed them in an open compartment of the stroller for safe keeping (he was convinced someone would take them while we were gone). During my departure, my daughter retrieved a sippy cup from another compartment of the stroller. In doing so, she closed the compartment where I placed the socks. Yep, you guessed it. The socks were now forever lost admist baby wipes, diapers, teething toys, drink boxes, and cereal snacks.

So there you have it, we went to the checkout, paid for the items in our cart, and left the store without paying for the super hero socks. It wasn't until we were halfway around the outdoor strip mall (did I mention is was raining) that I realized the socks were stashed in the stroller. What to do? Trudge a good 1/2 mile around the outlet mall (in the rain) to pay for the socks, or call it a day? It was a no brainer. With two hungry, crying, whining children in need of naps, I called it a day and made a mental note to donate the cost of the socks to a local charity as penance.

Having said all that, you must read this Ebay post. It's entertaining to say the least and should put a smile on the face of all you moms (and grandmoms) that have shopped with small children.

Pokemon Ebay Post

NOTE: The lot of Pokemon cards sold for $142.51. The starting bid was $0.50. This young mom's detailed story was worth every dollar of the winning bid! The post had 14,000 hits!!

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