Thursday, June 03, 2010

Having fun is one way to relieve stress and make us more productive. The problem is, we don't do enough of that fun stuff once we become big people. There is a reason why schools have recess periods (besides giving the teachers a break!). Research shows that kids who participate in a brief recess, perform better. So why don't we big people take note? That's a good question.

Keeping our employees happy and healthy should be part of the overall spectrum of the work day. Allowing employees to get out of the office for a brief 10 minute recess a few times during the day may just prove to boost productivity. How about an outdoor water balloon toss, a game of crochet or bocce ball, playing a game of Apples to Apples, hop-scotch, or even an egg tossing contest.

My husband has always said, "Happy Wife, Happy Life". The same is true for a business owner and his or her employees. Happy workers translates into
  • fewer errors
  • better attitudes
  • employee longevity
  • willingness to go that extra mile
  • more resilient to stress
  • fewer sick and call-off days

GoPlanetEarth is dedicated to providing recess time to our employees. In the end, it works in the favor of our customers. Do you have a recess plan in place for your business?

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