Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mold Market Cupcake Soap Mold Our new clear cupcake boxes using the Mold Market Cupcake mold. We used the cupcake topper and placed soap frosting on top (using our whipped body butter!). A few sprinkles on top and the cupcake soap was good to go. You can use the whipped soap frosting with or without the cupcake topper. I found that using the Mold Market cupcake topper added more lift to the frosting. Cupcake Soap Mold

Our whipped soap frosting recipe will yield up to 12 frosted cupcakes, but you'll have to work fast. The whipped soap sets up rather quickly. You can reduce the recipe into thirds if you don't want to do as may cupcakes and risk having the frosting setting up. We were able to fill the Decorator Pro with enough frosting to make 4 cupcakes.

Here is the recipe you'll need to make the soap frosting.

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