Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Entrereneurship: Jump in and Make It Work

If someone would have told me ten years ago that I would be in the soap making business and manufacturing molds, I would have laughed. I'm not sure I would have even known what a "soap mold" was, much less it's purpose. I was working in the medical industry (finance area) and, though spinning my wheels in a secure corporate position, I had no plans to dive into any type of risky business venture. But it happened! An opportunity presented itself, and I decided to jump in with both feet and make it work. I was shaking in my shoes when I plunged into something that was outside my comfort zone. To be quite honest, I still shake in my shoes on many days when confronted with business decisions that could affect my future income (and retirement).

OK, let's get back to why all the above really matters to you. BECAUSE, if you are starting a business and are NOT a risk taker, then you need to align yourself and engage in a business relationship with someone who is. There is this sweet balance between questioning everything, being obsessive by nature and having difficulty parting from the norm (that would be me) to partnering yourself with someone who has the attitude "if it works, it works... if it doesn't, I'll try something else". I am lucky to have that partnership. Count your blessings if you find that same business balance.

My mold maker is that balance for me and I couldn't ask for a better partnership. We bounce ideas off each other, have established an alliance, are engaged in a trusting friendship, and genuinely care about the future of the company. It reminds of the type of relationship that was founded by Pixar, the creators of so many 3-D animated movies. Against all odds, this group evolved into one of the biggest movie makers of all times. They started as a high-end computer hardware company and migrated into producing 3-D computer-animated feature films that are now historical. At the time 3-D movies were unheard of. They had no idea that their company would evolve into the billion dollar industry it is today. Of course, I'm not operating a billion dollar business, but the same principles apply to every company regardless of size. You need to partner with someone that shares your dream, someone who can be objective, and, most importantly, someone who is willing to pledge allegiance to your trustworthy...and is a visonary for the long-haul.

So what am I suggesting? FOLLOW YOUR DREAM! You never know where it will take you until you press the gas pedal and drive down the highway.

If you believe the risk or speed is more than you're willing to take, you can put on the brakes. However, if you don't get behind that driver's seat, you'll never know if your dreams are just "couch-potato wishes" or are actual stepping stones that will motivate you to latch onto your deepest desires.

I say, go for it! Snag those dreams and drive that car until it crashes. That's a true entrepreneur and I hope that entrereneur is YOU!


Marla Bosworth said...


Great post, and I agree! While it's important to have a business plan and goals for your soap making business, it is just as important to have a fearless attitude and be somewhat of a risk taker.

Denise said...

Hi Marla, no one is more of an entrepreneur than you! It's a risk, but if successful, it gives us the freedom to manage and run business OUR WAY!