Monday, June 28, 2010

Soap Making 101: How'd Ya Do That?

Here is a recent inquiry from our customer, Cindy H:

I recently bought the doughnut soap mold (Mold Market's) and have already made several bars. However, I do not know how to create the "sprinkles" effect on the soap. Do you have an informational site or sheet that you could share with me that would guide me in creating these effects? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Cindy, it's easier than you think. First join the two doughnut halves.

How to join for a 3-D mold type:

Pour and release soap from mold. Using the same colored soap (or clear soap base) drizzle melted soap onto the flat side of one of the soaps. Join the second half by aligning it to the first soap (the one with the drizzled soap). Gently, press the two halves together and allow and allow the soap to set up until firm. The soap drizzled between the two halves acts as glue and holds the two pieces together for a 3-D soap.

To dress up the doughnut melt and color soap base (you can add fragrance, if desired). Let the soap set up until it's pudding consistency. Then, using a standard kitchen spoon drizzle the soap over the top of the doughnut. Add some sprinkles to the top of the drizzled soap.

In the very top picture, we dipped one side of the doughnut soap into melted soap. If you put the melted soap into a shallow dish, it will be easier to dip the doughnut. You can also use a standard kitchen spoon to coat the top of the doughnut with melted (colored) soap, then immediately apply a layer of food grade sprinkles. Again, you will want the melted soap to be the consistency of pudding or cake batter when you apply, otherwise, the soap will run off the top of the doughnut and you won't get the right effect.

And there you have it! It's really no different than working with a real doughnut. Instead, you're working with soap.

Hope this helps, Cindy.

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Cindy Hundley said...

Thanks so much for the directions. They were very helpful. :)