Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Soap Making: Ribbon Soap Mold Using the Injector Tool

Last week, I made a post on FaceBook about Sophie's cupcake soaps. Yesterday, Sophie experimented with Mold Market's Ribbon Soap mold. This was her first experience using the injector tool found in our Professional Soap Making Tool Kit. The injector allowed her to easily fill white areas with melted soap base.

The key to using the this tool is keeping the soap at a pourable temp and making sure that you have hot water to clean the tool should the tip become clogged. The soap base needs to flow evenly through the tip. If the soap starts to set up inside the injector tool, you could be in trouble. So you need to work quickly with the filled tube and use HOT water to clean the tube should it become clogged. If using more than one color, you may want to have a couple of these injector tools on hand.

Here is an example of how this tool was used for another Mold Market mold. The injector tool was used to fill each dot. It was a whiz and there were no overflow issues.

The above picture shows what can happen once you have filled in the small, detailed area using the injector tool. I warned Sophie that pouring the second soap layer too hot would result in the detailed areas bleeding into her second pour. She quickly learned this lesson. The white soap was poured at too high of a temp and and the red soap melted slightly and merged into the white area.

If you are new to soap making, using a thermometer will help gauge temperature. You can also do the "pinkie test". If you dip your pinkie finger into the soap and it is not a comfortable temp, then it's too hot to pour over that second color.

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