Saturday, October 23, 2010

Business Shout Out: Fortune Cookie Soaps

Fortune Cookie Soap MakingI have some pretty awesome customers who create some pretty awesome products. Justin and Shannon from Fortune Cooke Soaps are in that category. Fortune Cookie Soaps offers one of the most incredible smelling fortune cookie soaps EVER!! I recently placed an order for some of their products to donate to a community fundraising event. Who wouldn't enjoy the incredible bath and body treats they offer?

Fortune Cookie SoapIt was this luscious smelling fortune cookie that really caught my attention. What a gourmet treat and best yet, no calories. Tucked inside the soap is a fortune. Hmmm.... wonder what it says? If you are scouting out stocking stuffer or Christmas gift ideas, this is an online store to visit.


Justin said...

Wow! Thanks Denise! Coming from you that's quite a compliment :D


Brig said...

What fabulous soaps. I wish I could smell them through the computer. Hopefully this will finally inspire me to make use of my fortune cookie soap mold. :) Brig